About the mountain: Esja

Esjan, as the locals call her, is the sentinel mountain that watches over Reykjavik and her 170,000 people since the settlement of Iceland in the ninth century AD. Celebrated in poetry and local lore she has many moods, changing with the seasons, by day and by the hour. The MountEsja.org high definition web camera is programmed to show her many moods in time lapse photography for your pleasure.

The Esja Mountain is not a single mountain but a mountain range consisting of several volcanic mountains formed over a long period of time and shaped by Ice Age glaciers. Located only 10 Km north of Reykjavik, Esjan is one of the most popular hiking destinations in Iceland. The most popular trails rise to the summit of Þverfellshorn (780m) and Kerhólakambur (851m). The trails are accessible to people with modest hiking experience, although the last couple of hundred meters can be more difficult. But the hike is worth it; on a clear day there is a splendid view of Reykjavik and the Reykjanes peninsula as well as the mountain range to the east of Reykjavik. This is the area where Iceland perhaps straddles most prominently the separation of the east and west Atlantic tectonic plates and where the earth's magma is "just under the surface."

It is customary to sign the guest book at the summit. In the summer you may be surprised at how many names are there already early in the morning because some people like to make the hike during the night when the sun makes only a perfunctory disappearance below the northern horizon.


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